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Did you know your insurance may pay for animal removal in Michigan? We work with all insurance companies for animal removal & repairs.

Animal Removal From Under Mobile Homes

by Just Rite Service Professionals, Inc.

Can you smell a dead animal under your mobile home?

If you smell something bad in or around your mobile home in Michigan, you probably have a dead animal under your mobile home.  One way of knowing is to partially remove a piece of the skirting and smell for odors. If the smell is more intense, then you have a dead animal. Dead critters under mobile homes are very common, and we are the foremost experts, and the most affordable solution for removing dead animals from under mobile homes in Michigan. You may not know this, but your homeowners insurance may cover the removal of the dead animal under your mobile home.

Here’s what we do to get rid of the dead animal and the smell:

  • We find the dead animal and remove it
  • We provide dead animal odor removal
  • We fix the area where the animal got in
  • We ensure animals can’t get in the area again
  • We fix the items the animals destroyed
  • We work with your insurance company for payment of the service

Plus, we get it done FAST, and we get it done affordably!

Animal Removal Service for Mobile Homes & Manufactured Homes in Michigan

Animals can get into your mobile home through the smallest of openings. Squirrels, Opossum, Raccoons, and other critters can seriously damage the underside of your home and burrow into your vapor barrier and HVAC ducting.

Getting rid of, and keeping animals out from under a mobile home in Michigan is critical in keeping your family safe and healthy. Dead animals under a mobile home can give you an infestation of mites, ticks, fleas, and flies from maggots, and more problems. Let us handle removing animals from under your mobile home in Michigan. We are the experts!

We are the experts!

We are the foremost experts in removing live and dead animals from under mobile homes in Michigan. If you find any animals, or think you have critters, alive or dead, under the mobile home, do not attempt to remove it yourself. You could get injured, and the animal could be infected with rabies or other diseases. Call us to deal with the critter instead. Some mobile home insurance policies will cover dead animal removal, so keep the invoice if you plan to file a claim. Your deductible amount will determine whether it makes sense to file a claim. We are the #1 experts in removing critters of all types, dead or alive, under mobile homes.

What can you do to help keep animals from getting under your mobile home?

Keep bird feeders a good distance away from your mobile home, as these attract squirrels, mice, voles and raccoons. Also keep the underside of the home and the areas around it clean and free of debris and trash to prevent attracting any kind of pest. Keep all trash and recycling bins tightly closed

Request Animal Removal or Repairs

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